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Bridging Loans: Flexible Solutions for Property Funding

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Bridge in London

Bridging loans have emerged as a crucial tool for landlords, property developers, and homeowners seeking alternative financing options when traditional mortgages fall short. These short-term funding solutions act as a bridge between the current situation and the desired outcome, typically requiring repayment within 12 months.

Let's explore the key benefits and applications of bridging loans:

  • Swift Completion of Deals: When time is of the essence, bridging loans provide a swift solution. Whether it's seizing an enticing investment opportunity, securing a new home before selling the current one, or addressing funding needs due to disruptions in the property chain, bridging loans ensure a quick way to access funds.

  • Buying a New Home Before Selling 'Chain Break': Imagine discovering your dream home while your current property is still on the market. With a bridging loan, you can act swiftly and secure the desired property. As a buyer not in a property chain, your offer becomes more appealing, increasing the chances of a successful purchase.

  • Property Refurbishment: Some properties offer exceptional potential despite requiring extensive renovation or lacking essential amenities. Traditional mortgages may not be feasible for such cases. Bridging loans provide short-term financing to acquire the property and facilitate renovations to bring it up to standard.

  • Lease Extension or Purchase: Facing challenges when remortgaging a property with a short leasehold? Acquiring or extending the leasehold through a bridging loan can enhance the property's mortgageability. Once completed, transitioning the bridging loan into a more favourable long-term mortgage arrangement becomes possible.

  • Development Exit: Property developers often encounter difficulties in repaying development loans as they near their term's end. Labour or material shortages, prolonged planning permission processes, or unsold/unoccupied properties can cause funding woes. Bridging loans provide relief, allowing developers to navigate these challenges until the property is sold or facilitating a smooth transition into a Buy-to-Let mortgage upon project completion.

  • Any Other Legal Use / Business Uses: Businesses often require quick capital injections for equipment purchases, facility renovations, stock procurement, or tax bill payments. Regulated bridging loans, secured against homes, or unregulated bridging loans, utilising other owned properties as collateral, provide fast and convenient funding to support these business needs.

Bridging loans offer flexible solutions tailored to the unique circumstances faced by landlords, property developers, and homeowners. By bridging the gap between current situations and desired outcomes, these short-term financing options enable swift action, facilitate property transactions, and address various funding challenges.

It's important that you consider a bridging loan very carefully, they are generally more expensive than traditional finance and you will need to make sure you have a solid 'exit strategy' in place.

If you have a Bridging enquiry, get in touch with us and we can go through your circumstances and look at tailoring a solution for you.



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